What exactly is Astrology?

Discover here the history and practice of Astrology
Astrology is the intimate study of the interactive nature of our universe. Our world, our solar system, the stars of our neighbouring galaxies and the very nature of our inner being are deeply interconnected. The planets spin majestically around their stars and we too are part of this dance, every element of nature finds it place. The movement of a celestial body determines in turn that of its neighbours and together they act directly upon the life all around us and touch each and every one of us deeply in ways we might not necessarily be aware of. To fully grasp the significance of astrology it is important to understand that astrology difers greatly from what we expect from psychics and clairvoyance. If you wanted to know a winning lottery number, or the street address of that tall dark stranger then astrology wont help you much. However, unlike psychics, astrology will not deceive you. Astrology will teach you to read the signs present in your life and will guide you, and can explain the influences present at the moment of your birth and which remain with you throughout your life on this Earth. Its message has no sell by date, astrology is as old as the stars.





Many centuries ago, the ancient peoples noticed that the movement of the stars and planets which they observed in our heavens created certain patterns and influenced certain behavoir here on Earth. The Moon was seen to affect the tides and as the seasons changed the planets moved in and out of conjection with our planet. In order to better understand this strange corellation between the heavens and the life they felt within themselves, the ancients carefully divided up their vision of the heavens, named all the planets and started to interpret the intricate dance of the starry sky to others.. The ancient astologers belived that the planet we live on shares the same intimate space as those planets which we see above us and thus the science of astrology was born. The vision of the ancients does not differ greatly from this scientific evidence, our modern scientists have confirmed the belief held by the ancients ; the passage of comets, the flares of our Sun and the radiation of light emitted by far-off galaxies have been proved to touch our Earth in tangible ways. This vast cosmic structure is intensely interactive, events in the cosmos touch our consciousness and our actions have far-reaching consequences in this solar arena




Many astrologists tend to emphasise the prediction side of their work, which has contributed to the common misconception of astrology as a science of forecast. The true goal of astrology is not to shape your opinion, nor to determine your behavoir but to provide you with the necessary information to make an enlightened decision. The knowledge which astrology brings us allows us to discover and explore our inner being, to understand our personal psychology and reveal our inherent potential. A full analysis of a natal chart can shed an incredible light on our inner selves and can serve as an invaluable guide for the rest of our lives. Astrology helps us to better understand the behavoir and character of those around us, their strengths and weaknesses. Even without knowing the exact time of our birth, the wealth of information open to us is staggering. The cosmic dance of the planets of our own solar system can help interpret the apparent chaos of our daily lives and can help us find our own direction in the midst of the crowd. The planets in our heavens change constantly and therefore your personal chart presents you with a multitude of opportunities to learn, understand and to use to your best advantage. Living life to the full and with pure enjoyment is not always easy to do and so astrology helps us to realise the uniqueness and beauty of our being and shows us our inherent capacity to love and to be loved. Losing the sense of your personal self is something which happens to us all. Astrology picks us back up, cleans us up and sets us back on our way. Astrology gives us the opportunity to turn negative elements to our advantage and offers us the true knowledge and power of our positive strengths which expand our horizons and show us the richness of our lives here on Earth